Where to begin…. I was born and grew up in Ann Arbor, Michigan in 1961. I went to the University of Michigan and majored in Japanese language and history. After that, I spent a year studying Korean at Seoul National University. I then returned to Ann Arbor and received an M.A. in applied linguistics. I went back to Korea and taught ESL for seven years before going to Dublin to work on a Ph.D. in applied linguistics at Trinity College Dublin.

    While working on my Ph.D., I was offered a tenured position teaching English at Ristumeikan University in Kyoto. I later taught at English and foreign language education at Kumamoto Gakuen University and Kyoto University. My last position in Japan was at Kagoshima University where I developed and taught in the new Korean language program. Teaching Korean took me to Seoul National University where I taught teacher development courses in Korean as a second language.

    While I was living in Seoul, I became active in hanok (traditional Korean-style houses) preservation, particularly in the Seochon area of Seoul. I also lived in hanok for most of my time in Seoul, including a hanok in Seochon that I remodelled mixing traditional and contemporary styles. While exploring Seoul, I became interested in street photography and was invited to participate in group exhibitions. I held a solo exhibition in 2016 as part of the KG+ exhibition. 

    I returned to the U.S. in 2014 and am currently a writer and independent scholar. Since returning to the U.S., I have published three books in Korean. Toward the end of the 1990s, I began to write about Korean and Japanese art and culture, but demands of university teaching made that difficult by the mid-2000s. Recently, I have returned to writing about Korean art and culture, both in English and Korean. I also write a weekly column for The Korea Herald and have previously written opinion pieces for a number of Korean newspapers.

    Please see my LinkedIn profile for more details on my background and activities. Thank you!!


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